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  Welcome to AIVault . . . a quantum leap for your memory

What are the future plans for AIVault?

EllaZ Systems has many ideas for further enhancements for AIVault. Please take a look at the list below, think about which would be most valuable, and send an e-mail to letting us know which we should be working on next. You may also have suggestions for things we have not thought of:
      1.  Spell checker for text entered while writing Memos.
      2.  A feature to print Memos on paper.
      3.  The ability to use video files in Memos.
      4.  Drag and drop organization of Memos.
      5.  Image thumbnails on edit screens and in Memo lists (F11).
      6.  Open Memos by clicking Questions shown in Memo lists.
      7.  Scrollable column of Memo miniatures during browsing.
      8.  Pop-up reminders when Memos are due for review.
      9.  Automated backups to allow a few days of "roll-back."
    10.  Internet accessible version of AIVault.
    11.  Pocket PC version with reduced feature set.
    12.  Test generator to check knowledge of Memo folders.


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