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  AIVault - learning basics

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What is a Memo?

Memos are the basic building blocks of AIVault capabilies. A question with an answer is all that is needed for a simple Memo:
      Q: "What is the capital of Denmark?"
      A: "Copenhagen"

Questions can take many forms, such as multiple choice:
      Q: "Which of the following is the capital of Denmark?
           A) Madrid
           B) Copenhagen
           C) St. Petersburg
           D) Cologne
           E) None of the above"
      A: "B) Copenhagen"

Another form of question is fill-in-the-blank:
      Q: "You need to break a few eggs to make _________"
      A: ". . . an omlette."
Memos can be in many forms of test questions. The ability to include audio clips and digital images gives a great deal of flexibility. Automatic scheduling, answer checking, and adjustment to learning make AIVault an effective educational tool.


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