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  AIVault - learning basics

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What does it mean to "Browse" Memo Folders?

Browsing allows you to view Memos without using AIVault's learning process (where your memory performance is recorded).
Browsing can be started by choosing a Memo Folder in the "Browse" menu list. A few other collections of Memos are available in that menu list also, giving you these choices:
  • Memos you have learned.
  • Memos you have learned or reviewed today.
  • Memos you have skipped.
  • Memos that have not been learned or skipped.
  • Memos found in the last search.
  • Memos in any folder you choose.
While browsing you will see a few buttons grouped together on the left side of the screen. The arrow buttons select the next Memo or previous Memo. YES moves from Question to Answer, then to the Question of the next Memo. Entering a specific number in middle box will let you jump to any position in the Memo list. NO will exit the browsing mode.
Any Memo seen while browsing can be edited, copied, deleted, or learned the first time. So, this can be a useful way to manage and use the Memos you have. Browsing is also useful for taking an introductory look at new material you plan to learn.

Browsing Memos


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