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EllaZ Logo

  Developers & Credits

Below find the various developers and contributors to EllaZ Systems. Given the size and complexity of EllaZ Systems, not every contributor is listed on this page, but these are among the most significant and/or interesting.

The EllaZ Systems team consists of scientists, engineers, businessmen, and artists.  We call EllaZ Systems "Artful Intelligence" because of wide range of resources we bring together.  We are always searching, building, learning, and creating as we complete each system, and advance each new idea.  We believe that intelligence can be built one intelligent behavior at a time.

Members of the team won awards in the Loebner Prize Contest and Chatterbox Challenge for artificial intelligence in 1998, 1999, 2002, 2004, and 2005, giving them practical experience in the performance of conversation systems.

Software Developers:
    Kevin Copple (2002 LPC Winner; 2004 and 2005 CBC medal winner)  
    Robby Garner (1998 and 1999 Loebner Prize Contest Winner)
    Russ Dunham (C, C++, VB, PHP and more under Windows and Linux)
    Zhang Ying (Tianjin, China)
    Liu Jie (Nankai University, Tianjin, China)  
    Jia Yong Qiang (Nankai University, Tianjin, China )  
    Wang Zhaoyuan (Tianjin Polytechnic, Tianjin, China )

Components and Modules:
    Jeff Atwood (About Box Dialog)  
    Palo Mraz (Color Picker)  
    Duncan Mackenzie (Progress Bar)  
    Richard Parsons (RichTextBox Edit)  
    J. Champion (Zedgraph Charts)  
    Jason Hensley (Music Module)  
    Dan Marinescu (Chess Engine)
    Chris Chapman (RnChessBoardControl) 
    Tim Anderson (HTML display component) (ANSMTP email component)

Web Services:
    Walter Vijaykumar Jones (stock and currency prices) 

Lexical Database:
    Princeton University (WordNet) 

Computer Graphics:
    Wu Xiaofeng (Tianjin Polytechnic)

Classic & Modern Literature:
    Project Gutenberg (1000's of public domain texts)  
    Mike Mesterton-Gibbons (Original Limericks) 

    Kevin Copple (America and China)
    Stock.xchng (Stock Photography)
    Various USA government agencies
        (NASA, DoD, USDA, NARA, LOC, etc.)

Voice Talent:
    Robby Garner
    Kevin Copple
    Zhang Ying
    LibriVox (audio books)

Music Clips:
    Black Monolith Robby Garner (vocals, synth) & David Gilmore (guitar)
    Kids Music Web Noelle Shearer (vocals) & John Morgan (guitar)
    Various USA Military Bands

    Joseph Weizenbaum (Eliza)
    Jason Hutchens (MegaHAL) 
    Dr. Richard S. Wallace (2000, 2001, and 2004 LPC Winner)

Note: Many works above are used by EllaZ Systems with permission of the owners, and are protected by copyright and trademark laws.  Please check links and investigate before further copying and other uses.


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