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  AIVault - download Symbol & Code Memos

Morse Code  Easy to learn, easy to forget, and of vital importance in emergencies.  So ensure recall with the review probvided by AIVault.  Size: 824 KB.  Media: text, images, audio.

Nautical Flags  Learn the letters, numbers, and messages those colorful flags are trying to tell us.  Size: 138 KB.  Media: text, images.

Radio Alphabet  Learn these and never again stutter "D as in dog (bog? log? fog?) . . . err . . . hold on a second . . . "  Size: 790 KB.  Media: text, audio, some images.

Safety Symbols  This example shows how Memos can be used to organize large images while displaying them in a convenient size.  Size: 2,350 KB.  Media: text, images.

Download Notes: Right-click on the name and choose "Save Target As..."  Next, un-zip the file contents to a desired location, typically a folder of the same name in the "Memo Data" folder located in "My Documents."   See the download prepared Memos page for a folder layout image.

Please give us any comments or suggestions.  What other things should everyone know?


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