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  AIVault - writing memos

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What are all the possible parts of a Memo?
      <hint> days in a fortnight <end>

Memos can contain these parts, of which only the Question text is required:
      Notes (plain text information about the Memo)
      Question (formatted or plain text)
      Answer (formatted or plain text)
      Answer Template (plain text correct answer--A, 3, Paris, etc.)
      Image to show with Question (different formats allowed)
      Image to show with Answer (different formats allowed)
      Audio to play with Question (different formats allowed)
      Audio to play with Answer (different formats allowed)
      Date Created (generated automatically)
      Date Last Modified (generated automatically)
      Date First Learned (generated automatically)
      Date Last Reviewed (generated automatically)

As you can imagine, questions can take many forms with all these possibilities, for example:
      "Name this tune." (audio tune plays)
      "What country has this as its flag?" (flag image shown)
      "How do you say hello in Danish?" (audio plays with answer)
      "How do you spell . . . " (audio plays with question)

To add a hint to a Question, simply type <hint> user hint here <end> and then change the font color of the user hint to white. When the user selects the text, the hint becomes visible. Select this example with your mouse pointer (or press Ctrl+A):
      <hint> rythmes with "honey" <end>

Another trick is to give each Memo a particular position in the folder with text in the Notes field. Users can sort Memos in a variety of ways (including random order) to assist review. With suitable numbering, sorting on the Notes text will return Memos to their original order. Use text such as "Memo 001" with leading zeros to get the expected order. Other text can follow such a Memo number without affecting the sorting.

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