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  AIVault - writing memos

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How are images used with Memos?

Images can be attached to the Question or Answer of a Memo with the edit form's BROWSE button. Conversely, the CLEAR button will remove the link to the image.
If an image is larger than 520 by 380 (WxH), AIVault will reduce the image for display with a Memo, without changing the original image. Right-clicking a displayed image with your mouse displays a number of options. These options are also availble with "Image" in the "Current Memo" menu list:
Copy to Clipboard: Place a copy of the image on the Windows clipboard from which it can be copied into another program.
Save Image as . . . Open a Windows form which allows you to choose where to save a copy, optionally renaming as you do.
Show Full Size: Open the image in another form at its actual size. The new form can be resized to shrink or magnify the image. The form's Maximize button will restore the image to original size.
Open Image with . . . Open a Windows form which allows you to choose another program to open the image with. This is a way to edit images used by Memos.
Hide Image: Close the image. A SHOW IMAGE AGAIN button will appear for displaying the image again. An image can also be hidden with a simple left-click of your mouse.

Managing Images

NOTE: When linking an image to a Memo Question or Answer, AIVault will place a copy of that image into the Memo Images sub-folder of the Memo Folder holding the Memo. When the link is removed, the image is left in the Memo Images sub-folder since it may be used by others there.


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