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  AIVault - writing memos

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What useful things can be done in "Chat" mode?

Clicking the "Chat" menu item (Alt+C) will start a conversation with me. This can be a diversion, but one useful set of features is available from WordNet database information used to create Memos you want. If you type "What is the meaning of syzygy?" in the left input box while in Chat mode, a Memo will be generated and displayed:

WordNet Memo

With the newMemo displayed, click on LEARN THIS MEMO to add it to a Memo Folder for learning.
There are a many variations on this. Requests for definitions and synonyms get the same response (definitions include synonyms):
  • "What is the meaning of syzygy?" or "define syzygy"
  • "What are the synonyms of white?" or "synonym of white"
  • Shortcut with a semicolon first ";syzygy"
Requests for antonyms and opposites also get the same response:
  • "What are the antonyms of white?" or "antonym of white"
  • "What is the opposite of white?" or "opposite of white"
Sometimes it is helpful to look at all the different types of a concept:
  • "What are the types of love?" or "hyponyms of love"
Almost everything is a type of something else (hypernyms):
  • "What are the hypernyms of love?" or "hypernyms of love"
Finding words that match different patterns:
  • "What words start with thu?" or "starts with thu"
  • "What words end with ick?" or "ends with ick"
  • "What words include yzy?" or "include yzy"
  • "What words match the pattern tr==k?" or "match tr==k"
  • "What words match the pattern sh+sh?" or "match sh+sh" ("=" matches any single letter and "+" any number of letters)



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