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  AIVault - writing memos

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What else can be done in during "Chat?"

I am a chatterbot you can conduct a conversation with. Besides the WordNet database capabilites, I can:
  • Remember your name and use it for interaction.
  • Carry out a wide range of small talk, e.g favorite things.
  • Answer word math problems, e.g. "half a dozen times forty."
  • Do unit conversions, e.g. "how many meters are in in a mile?"
  • Play some simple games, e.g. "guess the number."
  • Talk in Pig Latin a/k/a backslang.
  • Answer date questions, e.g. "when is a week from next Friday?"
The small talk conversation is supported by the A.L.I.C.E. chatterbot. The input box changes background color to indicate whether the response is generated by Alice (lavender) or Ella (light yellow).
Clicking on CONTINUE or choosing another activity from the menu will cause AIVault to leave the Chat mode.

Chatting With Ella

Let us know if you enjoy the Chat feature. We have a number of other types of chat that could be added if there is interest.


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