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  AIVault . . . screen shots

Here is an overall view of AIVault.  Note the Memo List option in use, showing all Memos in the folder currently being browsed.  Click the image for a larger view:

overall screenshot

Below find a number of additional screen shots from AIvault in action.  These are used to illustrate many of the pages in the "Using AIVault" section.  To go to the page where the image is used and get more information, please click on the image.

Using AIVault to review Memos:

Ella presents a Question for review

Answering when reviewing Memos:

Review Answer

Using AIVault to learn new Memos:

Learn New Memo

Responding to new Memos presented for learning:

Learn New Memo Answer

"Browsing" Memo Folders:

Browsing Memos

Those circles and check-marks next to Memos:

Pass Fail Tally

Using the Search feature:

Memo Search

User Settings:

User Settings

Learning Variable Settings:

Learning Variable Settings

Charting options:

Chart of Review Dates

Notes, Status, and History of a Memo:

Memo Status

Memo sorting feature:

Sort Memos in Folder

Making a new Memo:

New Memo Edit Form

Using images with Memos:

Managing Images

Using audio files in AIVault:

Audio Player image

Difference between "Add New Memo" and "Edit Memo:"

New vs. Edit

Useful features in "Chat" mode:

WordNet Memo

Other features in "Chat" mode:

Chatting With Ella


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