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  AIVault - learning strategy

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What is spaced repetition learning?

After we first learn something, we will forget if that information is not used or reviewed.  With each review, it will take longer to forget.  The goal of a study plan is to review often enough to remember, but not more often than needed.
How often information must be reviewed depends on the difficulty of the material.  AIVault adjusts to your performance over time, in different Memo Folders, and on individual Memos.  You simply need to spend a little time with me on a regular basis.
The "Forgetting Curve" chart shows how information is forgotten over time.  AIVault allows you to take natural memory and place it under your control.

Forgetting Curve

This illustrated forgetting curve is very general.  It will vary greatly depending on your concentration and the difficulty of information.  The ability to adapt to these variations makes AIVault an optimal learning tool.
AIVault can also be considered a "flash-card" type of program.  You likely remember learning with flashcards as a child.  AIVault takes the concept and uses the power of modern PC's to extend it to a higher level.


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