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  AIVault - learning strategy

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What is a good learning strategy?

Your learning strategy can take many different forms with AIVault.  We have tried to put you in control, while still making the program easy to use.
Perhaps most important is that you spend a few minutes with me everyday.  Steady, habitual work will certainly lead to rewarding results.  If you miss a day, or a few days, jump back in with the goal of resuming regular learning and reviews.  I am always ready.
You can tell AIVault which Memo Folder you want to learn or review from.  The Browse feature gives you another type of control.
Let's face it, some information is more difficult to learn.  When you are learning or reviewing more challenging Memos, we suggest going to the "Browse" menu and taking a second or third look at Memos "Learned/Reviewed Today."
I will tell you when 15 minutes have passed since starting AIVault, and you may continue, reward yourself with a short break, go back to review your day's work, or call it a day.

Time and tide wait for no man.


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