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  AIVault - advanced tools

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How should I use the Search feature?

The first item in the "Tools" menu list is a powerful Search feature which looks at the text and file names of all Memo elements. It counts how many times the words are found, plus how many times the complete phrase is found. Using this information, the Memos are displayed in Browse mode with the best matches first.
Memo elements searched:
  • Question text
  • Answer text
  • Answer template text
  • Notes text
  • Image file names
  • Audio file names
A few choices are available to control the search. When searching for short abbreviations such as AI, the "Find Whole Word/Phrase" and "Match Case" options can be helpful.
Keep in mind that searches for a larger number of words can take a few seconds (a progress bar shows work is proceeding). For longer search strings, the "Find Whole Word/Phrase" option is considerably faster.
Another option is to search the contents of one Memo Folder, rather than all Memo Folders.

Memo Search


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