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  AIVault - advanced tools

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What are all those Settings I see on the menu?

You will see many choices you can make in the Setting menu list. Some are for fun, and others are more important.

User Settings

Ella's Changing Expressions: If for some strange reason you do not want to see my smiling face every day, uncheck this item and I will disappear.
Pop-Up Help (Tooltips): After becoming familiar with all the buttons and text boxes in AIVault, you may consider the pop-up tips to be annoying and choose to turn them off. However, this will not affect those for image and audio file names.
Background Color Schemes: Strictly for fun. You will be spending a lot of time here, so take your time and try them all. Then try clicking on the tiny buttons in the upper left and lower right corners.
Memo Folders Path: Tell me where the Memo folders are that you wish to you. You may have separate collections you want to change between, perhaps one for your personal study and another you are developing for others to use.
Learning Variables: Here you can set the goal for level of retention. The "inertia," or speed of adaptation, in learning can also be set. More about this later.
Show Answer Input Box: Uncheck this item if you do not plan to type in answers to questions.
Reverse Quest & Answer: Some Memos can usefully be studied with Q & A reversed. For example, when studying German "Ich liebe Dich" and "I love you" may be the Q & A of a Memo.
Alternate Memo Style: We used a funky color scheme in an early stage of development and couldn't bring ourselves to throw it out. Most interestingly, the dark background color changes depending on whether a Memo is being learned, reviewed, or browsed. The displayed text is all bold yellow, so Memo formatting is more limited.
Turn Autoscale Off: We are guessing this one will not get much use, but if you have a monitor set to display characters in larger font and the screen size is 1024 by 768 or less, give this a try (the situation with a room projector we saw once).


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