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  AIVault - advanced tools

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What program limitations does AIVault have?

Being the power user that you are, there are a few limitations you should know about:
Memo folders: The limit is 99. If you want more, make one or more new directories with Memo Folders in them, and switch among them with the Memo Folders Path menu item.
Number of Memos in a Memo Folder: 10,000 is the max, but one thousand or so may a reasonable limit for convenient use.
Size of Image and Audio Files: No program limit. However, the AIVault audio player cannot return to an exact location in a large audio file after closing (not the best audio-book reader).
Maximum length of text for Q & A: The rich text box which displays a Q & A is limited to about 400,000 characters. So, if you want to memorize a book (or pi to a million digits), break it up into a few chapters.
NOTE: With very large blocks of text (such as a book chapter), the time to select or format text can be several seconds, so experiment a little before planning the use of very large texts.
Maximum amount of data for Q & A: Placing images (preferably small) directly into rich text can be very useful. Each Question and Answer are limited to about 8 megabytes of embedded images.
NOTE: Rich text inefficiently stores images as uncompressed bitmaps, so it is better to attach images to Memos as files with the BROWSE button on the edit form. Also, attached files are more usefully available in their original formats (.bmp, .jpeg, .jpg, .gif, .png, .tif, or .wmf) for viewing, copying, saving, etc.
Maximum length of text for Notes and Answer Template: The limit for these plain text items is 2000 characters.


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