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  AIVault - advanced tools

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What do I need to know about Learning Variable Settings?

Likely the default settings will be suitable for you. In some situations changes may be a good idea

Learning Variable Settings

To remember a higher percentage of Memos at any given time, you may want to set a higher Retention (%) level. This may be true for critical information such as procedures for brain surgery. The result will be that AIVault adjusts, leading to more frequent reviews of the information you want to remember. Be careful with being too ambitious though--higher retention can result in less total information learned if your time with AIVault is limited.
To remember a lower percentage of Memos at any given time, you may want to set a lower Retention (%) level. If your primary goal is to remember clever anecdotes for cocktail parties, this may be appropriate. The result will be AIVault adaptation leading to less frequent reviews and time spent to reach the goal. A lower percentage can also be a good strategy for learning a larger total amount of information when remembering every bit is not ciritical.
Inertia (reviews): Forget about this one. The programmers were just showing off by including it as an adjustable parameter. If you find that values other than 42 are better, please let us know.


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