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  AIVault - advanced tools

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What can the Memo sorting feature do for me?

The "Tools" menu list has "Sort Memo Folder," which opens a sort form. You have several options for sorting Memos in a folder. Perhaps too many options, but you never know when one might be useful.

Sort Memos in Folder

Random Order: Shuffle the Memos, placing them in a new random order. This can help if you find answers are becoming obvious because Memos are in alpabetical or other predictable order. For example, "the last flag was for Eritria, so Estonia must be next." This shuffle affects the order whether browsing, learning or reviewing.
Sorts on text are ascending, such as A, B, C, or 1, 2, 3. Sorts on number and date values are also ascending, going from smaller to larger or older to newer.
Notes Text: Sorting on Notes Text can be used to return Memos to their orginal order. For this to work, use text such as "Memo 001" at the beginning of the Notes for each Memo. The leading zeros help get the expected order.
Scheduled Review Date: This sort can let you browse Memos in the order they will be presented for review.
Days Between Reviews: Memos that are less well known will have shorter review spans. So, this sort will allow you to browse Memos beginning with those least known.
Any Text or File Name: With the use of image and audio files, it is possible to have many Memos with the same question, such as "How you to spell this?" or "What country has this flag?" Answer text is not always used. Becasuse there are many possibilities, AIVault provides sorting on any of the text and file name Memo fields.


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