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Calm George

Involved George

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The Robot President!

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The AI Bush program is the most advanced AI deployment of EllaZ Systems. The program “Ella” won the prestigious worldwide Loebner Prize Contest in 2002 as the “most human computer.” AI Bush is a further development of that technology, bringing skills and entertainment you'll find nowhere else.

Play the strategy game Reelect Bush? and see if GWB gets reelected, or not. You are a close advisor, whispering into George's ear. He needs your help making decisions and answering pesky trivia questions that affect his chances of reelection, not to mention the effects various decisions can have on his conscience. GWB’s expressions, voice clips, and tracking polls tell you how things are going.

With the changing scenarios and various probabilities, no two games of “Reelect Bush?” are the same. Hone your skills and see just how high (or low) you can push the result. In the end, you’ll determine the fate of the free world! Get more details here.

AI Bush games include playing killer Chess, dealing Blackjack like he was from Atlantic City, and giving virtual I Ching fortunes. When you need a break from thinking, try your luck with natural language games Guess-the-Number and Rosahmbo (rock-paper-scissors).

As any Yale and Harvard grad should, AI Bush has a collection of classic books on philosophy, history, adventure, drama, literature, and even poetry. To keep your conversation going, AI Bush has at his disposal thousands of Convuns (conversational units) which include images, trivia, jokes, poems, anecdotes, limericks, fables, quotes, maxims, and tongue twisters.

This AI entity can use XML web services to retrieve changing information on weather, stock prices, and currency exchange rates. The CIA World Factbook 2003 provides an encyclopedia of world information. Explore this website to learn about what makes AI Bush think, know, and talk.

The WordNet lexical database gives AI Bush a huge vocabulary with functions your Funk and Wagnall’s could never match. Get help doing crosswords puzzles, playing Scrabble, composing poetry, and more.

Once Available: In the past you could buy AI Bush on CD-ROM or by download, and this Swiss Army Knife of computer programs and entertainment could be available whenever you wanted.  We hope you got a copy when you had the chance!

   Copyright EllaZ Systems 2003 All Rights Reserved