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ChatterBox Challenge

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The Chatterbox Challenge

Note: Kevin Copple was member of the ChatterBox Challenge Committee for only one contest year.  Wendell Cowart continues to successfully lead this unique contest, providing a valuable venu for chatbots to be featured, explored, and compared.

As a member of the ChatterBox Challenge Committee, I[Kevin Copple] proposed the following design for the medals to be awarded.  An attempt was made to symbolically evoke the history, technology, and future of natural language robots.  The limited size of the medals doesn't allow for much more.  They are shown here approximately life-size at 3 inches (depending on the dot-pitch of your screen), but higher resolution images would be used for for production.  At a diameter of 3 inches, the letters and numbers would be a little larger than those of the Loebner Prize medal.

The 4-pointed stars could be left out to provide a open area if the medals were to be engraved, for example, "George Henry, 2003, Best Interface."  However, I would suggest forgoing the temptation to do custom engraving, given the amount of hassle involved and the fact that the engraving will likely look like it was not a part of the original cast design.    

The lighter colored areas would be the high areas of the medals, and the dark areas would be the cut-out lower areas.  The contrast from light to dark in the actual medals would be much less than seen here.  The amount of detail in this design should be good for a 2 to 3 inch diameter medal.  Of course, consultation with the selected manufacturer could affect the design also.  These designs were done in Adobe Illustrator, so it will not be much trouble to adjust the relative sizes of elements, type styles, and so on.

November 25, 2002
Kevin Copple

Here is a variation with symbols flowing to the edge of the inner circle:

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