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Word Math & Unit Conversion abilities in the EllaZ System

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You know the difference between twenty-four, twenty fours, and twenty fourths.  You understand "divide six by seven", "six divided by seven", and "six over seven."  Ella knows these differences also, and can do remarkable word math.  Just give her a few tests. 

Here see how Ella's restatement of the problem clarifies the basis and helps prevent confusion.  Ever forget what you had previously punched into a calculator?

     You: What is half a dozen plus seven point twenty-nine?
     Ella: I can tell you that 6, plus 7.29, is equal to 13.29

Ella allows mixed symbolic and natural language calculations:

     You: Calculate 5 x 10 to the third power over 6.8
     Ella: I can tell you that 5,000, divided by 6.8, is equal to 735.2941

Ella rounds numbers to a reasonable number of digits:

     You: Tell me how much is the square root of fifty-five thousand
     Ella: Perhaps the answer is equal to 234.5357

Next Ella finds an extra "and" which can be the same as "plus," then removes it and tells you what she did.  Also note that extra words like "another" and "then" don't cause any trouble:

     You: What is one plus another two and then adding three?
     Ella: I can tell you that 1, plus 2, plus 3, is equal to 6 Note: Removed extraneous "and."

Math functions then are used with a wide variety of Unit Conversion Factors.  Note that Ella knows when to use plural or singular units, and she uses exponential notation for the really big numbers:

     You: How many nanoseconds are in three dozen millennium?
     Ella: You can be sure that 36 millennia are equal to 1.136093E21 nanoseconds.

     You: Please convert 70,000 microns into feet
     Ella: You can be sure that 70,000 microns are equal to 0.2296588 foot.

If you try to divide by zero, convert a temperature below absolute zero, convert meters into minutes, and so on, Ella explains what went wrong:

     You: What is the square root of minus two?
     Ella: Hey Kevin! You cannot take the square root of a negative number.  That gives an imaginary number, and I don't go there.

Then there is trigonometry, where Ella lets you know her assumption as to units of angle:

     You: What is the tangent of minus thirty?
     Ella: Perhaps the answer is equal to -0.5773503 Note: Used degrees for trigonometry.

Games and other functions make use of word math also.  "Make it half a grand" or "double it and add thirty" are good answers when Ella asks "same bet?" while playing blackjack.

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