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Other Natural Language Robots

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There are a variety of natural language robots, many of which have inspired the EllaZ System effort.  Here are a number of informative links to aid your exploration:

The BotSpot is a good place to start for exploring the world of natural language and other types of robots.  Have some fun checking out this website:

In 2001 Ella received an excellent 4 out of 5 rating from Cybelle at agentland . . .  we're working on a "5."  This is a website that features a wide variety of intelligent agents.  There are reviews such as for the "rather charming" Ella and opportunities to leave comments about many agents.

Rated 4 out of 5

A unique resource for natural language robot information is CyberMecha .  This is the web site of Robby Garner who won the Loebner Prize Contest in 1998 and 1999.  You will find he has an informative mailing list for developers and those with a keen interest in robots.  He is also developing the Turing Hub for connecting human/robot, robot/robot, and human/human for conversation.  No one can be sure who they are talking to!

I see you

Also consider:
  • A.L.I.C.E. is open source with AIML
    (artificial intelligence markup language).
  • Visitors make and host their own AIML chatterbots at PandoraBots.
  • Simon Levan's Chatterbot Central summarizes info on a several chatbots.
  • An out-of-way site Chatbot Friends.
  • At the Personality Forge Benji Adams helps many to make their own.
  • An interesting commercial effort is Kiwilogic in Hamburg, Germany.
  • Oddcast produces Flash animations of humans with synthesized voices.
  • Still images of people can be animated with the technology from Pulse3D.
  • James Matthew's Generation5 provides info on a large array of AI issues.
  • Renown author Ray Kurzweil covers AI with fun extras at his web site.
  • Links for 300+ chatterbots collected at The Chatterbot Collection.

Many good references are missing here, and we plan to add more soon.  Send us a note or make a post in the EllaZ forums with any suggestions.

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