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Talk to Different Versions of EllaZ

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There are a few different versions of the EllaZ AI systems you can chat with here.  First, we suggest that you talk a look at the Tips for Talking page.  Please find brief descriptions and links below:

The Full Version has the most features with multiple text boxes, multiple image displays, changing emotional expressions, graphic game play (Blackjack), and so on.  If you register a user name and password of your choosing, Ella can remember you from day to day.

Single session access lets you experience the Full Version is with no registration required, but Ella will not remember you on return visits.

  • Single Session TALK

The Loebner Prize Contest version provides an experience similar to that of the judges in the 2002 event, with a more simple text chat interface.  Ella's replies are also somewhat more human-like to fit the contest premise of imitating a human.  However we couldn't resist the temptation to tweak a little, such as adding a few randomly changing images of Ella.

  • Loebner Version TALK

Other versions of Ella are always under development, so please check back soon!  If you have any suggestions, let us know in the EllaZ forums.

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