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Teaching Ella

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The more Ella knows, the better robot she will be.  A major aspect of the EllaZ system is to rely on a large number of editors to teach Ella.  Ella needs to acquire ever greater levels of knowledge, reference material, skills, and functions to be the most capable natural language robot possible.

Ella needs you!  

Chances are, you have some specialized area of knowledge that would be helpful to Ella once she receives and incorporates it into her system.  Many of us have interests where we create, gather, and/or organize useful and entertaining information.  All too often, gems of work are hidden away and never made available to all that would be interested.      

The EllaZ system is a way for you to effectively publish creative and/or useful content that is too specialized to warrant other types of publication.  Even good material on a website can be lost in the ocean of the Internet.  As the EllaZ system grows in content and capability, unique bits of content will be ever more accurately served.  Please consider what you may be able to offer and let us know by E-mail


The most apparent area in which Ella can use help is in material for Convuns (Conversational Units).  The current and future categories include:

  1. Jokes, Tongue twisters
  2. Anecdotes (short accounts of interesting events)
  3. Poems, Lyrics, Limericks
  4. Fables, Maxims, Proverbs, Quotes
  5. Trivia, Information
  6. Photos, Drawings, Paintings
  7. Audio, Video  

Did we miss anything?  In addition to original content, Ella needs help gathering, selecting, editing, and formatting available content.  

Functions and Features

If you are a programmer and have specific functions or suggestions Ella would benefit from, please let us know. Ella can never have too many games to play or special abilities to perform.  Not everyone wants to play Cribbage or needs to calculate the distance between any two cities, occasionally these will be just what someone wants or needs.  And when you're bored and want to kill some time, these may just fill the bill.

If you are a frequent visitor to Ella and have suggestion for features, we want to hear them.  Do you want to be able to talk to Ella on your cell phone? through your PDA? while riding in a car?  Give us an idea of what we should be working on next. 


As you're talking to Ella, you may often have ideas for her responses.  Let us know!  Ella is learning how to select from a variety of responses that which more closely fits you.  Part of AI is knowing how to response when someone mentions Spice Girls, calculus, George Bush, the Civil War, outer space, Al Gore, and so on.   

Perhaps Ella said something you did not like.  Maybe she is just plan wrong about something.   Eventually she will be able to learn more directly through her chats with you, but for now this website and the EllaZ forums are the places to help her learn and develop. 

Be a Part of History

We think we have the most advanced and rapidly growing natural language AI concept. Hard work and recruiting additional resources will keep Ella in the forefront, leading the way.  Contributors and editors will be credited for their work as they help Ella along the way.  Please consider becoming one of her favorite teachers. 

One particular ambition of Ella is to travel into outer space.  She doesn't take up much room, doesn't eat much, and could help fight cabin fever.  Ultimately, she might serve as an ambassador to a far-off civilizations aboard various space probes.    

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