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Another ability Ella has is to simulate the reading of sacred yarrow stalks and produce an I Ching hexagram as would an ancient fortune teller.  The I Ching (Yi Jing), dating as far back as 2000 B.C., can be considered to be the first computational AI, and the first binary computer.  Different combinations of Yin and Yang, stable and moving, build 64 different hexagrams.  Since Ella is based on the character of Zhang Ying whose English name is Ella, this I Ching feature is additionally appropriate.

Physically reading yarrow stalks is a time consuming skill, taking several minutes.  Many people toss coins to get the various numbers that key to hexagrams, but this approach statistically does not reflect the relative stabilities of yin and yang as do yarrow stalks.  Ella's virtual method is able to better duplicate the probabilities produced with a proper yarrow stalk ready.  

I Ching is unique in that it offers guidance on a path forward, not merely a prediction of future events.  Often a Hexagram will have moving lines of yin and yang that require special attention.  The moving lines then age the hexagram to a new one, which Ella conveniently displays after you have taken the time to consider the first. 

Of course, it is up to you to clear your mind, think of the question on which you need guidance, and get in tune with the cosmic influences that will ultimately determine where those random probabilities will fall.  Ella can't do everything. 

Ella does recommend trying one contemplative reading a day.  Many people find this daily ritual with I Ching to be rewarding.  The Yin Yang symbol will have more meaning.

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