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Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know on this website about our automated packing machines.  And no, these are not actually frequently asked questions—anticipating here.

The Pack Zone is an endeavor by the Copple Brothers Co. of Brookshire, Texas.  We are primarily a couple of engineers with extensive experience in process engineering and IT services.  Since 1995 we have worked with firms in Tianjin, China to trade in various goods and services.
Granules, powder, paste, liquid, herbs, bulky shapes, and countable items.  Examples include sugar, salt, flour, ketchup, lemon juice, crushed tea leaves, cold breakfast cereal, nuts, pet food, potatoes, and vitamin pills.
Our machines can produce a wide variety of packet shapes and sizes.  Examples are sachets, sticks, pillows, tea bags, and stand-packs.  Options include eyelets for display racks, notches/cuts for easy opening, mesh films, and transparent packets (or panels).
Your product can be accurately dispensed by a variety of means including augers, gear pumps, piston pumps, electronic counting, electronic weigh scales, etc.  Your machine will be carefully tested and calibrated to your actual product before shipment.  You can also adjust dosing and vary packet sizes at your site.
The Pack Zone can provide a robotic solution to counting and boxing packets as they are produced.  Get the size and shape you need, with attractive preprinted card stock.
Our factories for final assembly are located in Tianjin, China.  Much like an automobile: component parts, subassemblies, and software are sourced from a number of suppliers, including those in China, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Germany, the USA, and elsewhere.
Our factories in Tianjin typically produce 50 to 100 packet forming machines every month, depending somewhat on the ratio of single to multiline machines on order.  We certainly can timely meet your packet forming machine needs.
The Pack Zone can prepare a detailed quotation within two to ten days, depending on the size and complexity of the complete system you need.  We can supply quicker "budget estimates" with approximate costs also.  Our prices and terms are often astoundingly good.
Our machines are suitable for a wide range of applications, from the most demanding to the mundane.  We have successfully and economically supplied systems for packaging food, condiments, nutritional supplements, pharmaceuticals, detergents, hardware, etc.  Special materials such are SS316 and PTFE can accommodate caustic/acidic materials.  Atmosphere and dust control specifications can be met.
Our machines typically have an expected life of eight to ten years.  We guarantee trouble-free operation for the first year of operation.  An additional four years are guaranteed on properly maintained machines, except for wear items which require predictable replacement.  Typical legal BOLD CAPS terms will apply, which accompany our Bid for Contract.
Your confidence of the quality of Pack Zone machines arises primarily from the long list of satisfied customers we have supplied.  We love to deliver machines which will lead to shared joy in efficient packing, followed by repeat orders.  We can also provide IS0-9001 and CE certificates, if you are into that sort of thing.
Many of our customers also source printed packing film/paper/mesh from the Pack Zone.  We have competitive prices, fast turnaround times, and low minimum lot sizes.  All of our packets are heat sealed, so buying film from us can ensure good sealing without concern about having the correct temperature and pressure for sealing.
With all the different specifications and options for a machine, each one is practically unique.  Discuss your needs with us to determine which features will meet your needs.
We love to talk about our packing machine business.  Please start by exploring this website and then contact us for email and telephone conversations.  One of us will drop in for a visit to your site when convenient, and you are always welcome to visit our active factory in Tianjin.
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